Let’s Start a Podcast Together

Share your Voice. Build your Brand.

We’ll Show You How to Start a podcast… even if you don’t have an audience!


How to Design Your Show

From your show’s name to drilling down its audience as your niche, we’ll help you create a compelling show that people love following.

How to Launch Your Show

We’ll show you how to launch your show, including how to record an episode that captivates your listeners.

How to Produce Your Show

We’ll give you the exact setup to produce a high quality show, down to equipment recommendations for any budget.

How to Monetize Your Show

We’ll give you the exact steps we used to monetize our on podcast and how you can make money podcasting… even if you don’t have an audience!

Let’s Design your Podcast Show

Here’s the deal… there’s millions of podcasts out there. What are you going to do to make yours any different? How do you plan to stand out? The simple truth is that there are so many different ways to create a podcast. 

What we bring to the table is 5+ years of podcasting. 

Which means we know exactly what works and what doesn’t work. 

This isn’t theory for us. 

Just like the Good Advice brand, we practice what we preach. 

And more importantly, we focus on the tangibles for success, not theory. 

In designing your show, we’ll help you with the following:

  • Creating a Show Name that attracts attention and is designed for organic search
  • Developing a Show Niche where you understand exactly who your listener is and where to find them
  • Understanding your Show’s Purpose, why you want to launch it, and what success looks like
  • Engaging your Show’s Audience, and how a great episode keeps them listening
  • Embracing your Show’s Style, with you at it’s center, bringing to your listeners the best parts of your brand


A man records his first podcast

We’ll show you how to produce your show… even if you don’t have any experience

One of the most overwhelming parts of starting a podcast? 

How to do it all. 

After five years of podcasting, we get it. 

A lot goes into a podcast — and did you really decide to start a podcast just to have a lot more work to do? 

With 400+ episodes of the Good Advice Podcast, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to be smart with your time when it comes to podcasting. 

The decision to start a podcast should involve doing something that improves your brand, not distracts away from it. 

All the more reason to follow a simple set of systems that make producing a podcast as simple as possible. 

We’ve developed the perfect equipment setup for any budget. More importantly, we can help you create your own studio so you can record from the comfort of your home. 

This is a full all-encompassing guide for starting a podcast so that you will know exactly what to do and how to do it. 

This means you can focus more on what you actually want to do — pressing record and sharing your knowledge and expertise with your listeners. 

 Other Shows We’ve Helped

Push Go Podcast

How to Launch your show and become a great podcast

A man records his first podcast

Thinking up a great podcast idea is one thing. 

It’s another thing entirely to actually launch and maintain a great podcast. 

We’ve developed a system for making running a podcast as pain free as possible. 

When you think of podcasting, you probably imagine sharing your passion and expertise with your listeners. 

You probably don’t envision sitting in front of a computer, editing endless amounts of podcast audio…

Doing tons of video edits… 

And spending endless hours just to create a single episode. 

I’ve been there. 

In 5+ years of podcasting, I’ve lived it. 

Now, I spend only a handful of minutes on each episode and I’m able to produce three episodes a week. 

This all comes from a simple understanding on how to be quick and efficient with both the audio and video quality for the show. 

Social media is another beast entirely. 

We’ll show you how to create a content calendar for your show. 

That includes how to cut great clips of your latest episode. 

And how to drive more listeners to your show. 

    Make Money by Starting a Podcast

    The best part about podcasting is finding a way to make money doing what you love. 

    For starters, podcasts are excellent brand reinforcers. 

    There’s no better way to differentiate yourself from your competitors than by having an active podcast you can point to as an example of the kind of work you’re doing. 

    More importantly, they’re a great resource to keep your customers connected to you and your business. 

    But beyond this, podcasting can be a great source of additional revenue through advertising and paid promotions. 

    When we monetized the Good Advice Podcast, I was blown away by how easy it was to make money podcasting. 

    The final part of this program will focus on how to not only create fans of your podcast, but also how to scale a podcast in a way where it can make money for you. 


    It worked for me

    As of 2023, the podcast has:

    • 400+ Episodes
    • Listened to in 60+ countries
    • Been ranked in the Top 200 for All Business Podcasts in the U.S.
    • Been ranked in the Top 40 for All Entrepreneurship Podcasts in the U.S.
    • With 70+ episodes monetized and paid for!
    • Over $20,000 earned podcast revenue
    • With endless brand support for other programs


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