Culture Champion Program

Become the impactful leader your team needs by creating high-performing, loyal, and engaged employees who achieve significant results.

What’s Included


Create Your Culture

Develop the core of every great company that drive meaningful results

Establish Trust

Learn how to build trust with your team and what it means to hold people accountable to meaningful outcomes

Incorporate Your 3 "P"s

Discover how purpose, process, and pay together lead to high performing results

Effective Hiring & Management

Master the proven steps for creating motivated, rockstar employees in any company and in any industry

Create Your Culture

Every outcome in your business comes from the culture you?ve created. Are your employees high performing? Are they loyal? Do they show up engaged and give their best effort? Do they stick around? Learn the simple steps you can take to create a culture that people want to work for.

Incorporate Your 3 P’s

The purpose, process, and pay structures of your business are the pillars of every great culture. Learn how to design your purpose around a meaningful mission statement, with tangible values that inform how the business operates. Additionally, learn how to create specialized and clear job descriptions, and how to design your reward structures in a way that encourages high-performing results.

Establish Trust

Too many leaders try to hold their employees accountable in the absence of Trust. Learn how you can build Trust with your team, leading to buy-in and self-management. Also, develop the accountability strategies you need to have candid conversations that create effective feedback systems to improve behavior and results.

Effective Hiring & Management

Our strategies have been implemented in some of the world’s largest companies. Learn how to hire rockstar employees with low turnover, and master the most compelling of management strategies to make your company as successful as possible.

We've used Blake multiple times and have even used him with our clients. Blake is an excellent coach and is always prepared, professional, and well spoken. Because of Blake, we?ve built a stronger organization. I highly recommend Blake and Good Advice.

Jack Eaton, Executive Director Single Parent Scholarship Fund of Benton County
Jack Eaton

I've had the great pleasure of working with Blake Binns -- his coaching and delivery style are outstanding and we are moving forwarding thanks to his Good Advice. His reviews from our administrators were glowing! He is highly recommended.

Dr. Ken Ramey, Superintendent Siloam Schools District

I've continued to work with Blake over the past two years and would highly recommend him and his services. His business is responsive and proactive and will really get you to follow through with action.

Ross Phillips, Vice President, Rogers-Lowell Chamber of Commerce
Ross Phillips

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