Get more customers and Run a better Business.

Premier Small Business Consulting

Premium Small Business consulting

Have you been looking to get more customers and run your business better? Based in Northwest Arkansas, we are the premium choice for small business consulting. Our tools will create a consistent pipeline of customers for you all while helping you scale your business into a business can operate without you.

Consistent Customers

No more chasing customers… We’ll help you get consistent leads and show up higher on searches without paying for advertising.

Work Less

We’ll optimize your business with systems and processes you need to end the 60 hour work weeks and stop fighting fires.

Develop Your Leaders

Teams with great results are always led by a great leader. We’ll show you how to lead your team so your business can have a lasting impact. More importantly, we’ll train your leaders to become better managers themselves.

Businesses Served

Processes Implemented

Leaders Coached

Podcast Episodes

Want tangible, practical strategy for your business? Check out our business podcast that has been ranked in the top 40 for entrepreneurship nationwide.

Our Latest Content

So, is ChatGPT Dead?

So, is ChatGPT Dead?

In November of 2022, OpenAI released to the public their AI tool ChatGPT. Within 2 months, the service had grown to 100 million users. Nowadays, ChatGPT and AI have become the linchpins of a multitude of online services and offerings. ”Now with AI!” is a mainstay...

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I Almost Didn’t Make It As a Business Coach

I Almost Didn’t Make It As a Business Coach

I Almost Didn’t Make It As A Business Coach This past week I celebrated 5 years as the owner of Good Advice and the host of the Good Advice Podcast. Unironically I think I started off as a business coach really not knowing much at all about business. I had done just...

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Why Nobody Wants to Work Anymore

Why Nobody Wants to Work Anymore

Nobody wants to work anymore. You’ve heard this before. Heck – maybe you’ve even said it yourself. With stories of companies ending remote work policies and with businesses asking their teams to come back to work, there inevitably follows a cacophony of voices that...

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Blake with Good Advice has impacted my life personally. He is very intuitive and has so much experience? and is SO easy to work with! He is very thoughtful in his approach -- I would highly recommend Blake to guide any leader for the long term success of their company.

Stephanie Medford, President/CEO Ronald McDonald House Charities of Arkoma
Stephanie Medford

Working with Blake and Good Advice was one of the best decisions I ever made! His trainings had a significant impact on the leadership development of my direct reports. Blake is responsive and proactive and will really get you thinking about your goals, priorities, and how to follow through with action. I highly recommend Blake's services!

Kathy Pillow-Price, Leadership and Early Childhood Consultant
Kathy Pillow-Price

Blake has helped me evaluate and focus my business in more strategic ways to allow my business to grow faster. If you need an objective lens or are feeling lost or overwhelmed by your business, I definitely recommend you call Blake for some Good Advice!

Blair Beaty, Owner at Optimum Health Insurance
Blair Beaty

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